Website & Forum Update

Hi all,

As you can see we have a new design on the Website and the Forum. We have tried to keep things as close to the original site from a functionality point of view but made improvements where needed. Our old version worked really well for us but over time technology changes and we wanted to make sure we were keeping up with it to facilitate a secure and positive experience. The new design has a Content Management System making updates much easier, so as we get new content we will get it on as quickly as humanly possible! Our sponsors help to meet our operating costs and posting adverts is now much simpler than before. We have our site on its own Virtual Server which should assist with the running of the site and the Forum. We have also added in a more robust backend to the Forum to try to minimise the downtime that has been experienced recently. The Forum design has been consolidated into one, fresher, design. This assists with maintenance meaning that changes are quicker and less expensive to the club.

If you are still able to view the old site. Please clear out your browser cache. You can read this wikihow on how to:

If you are having problems viewing the site or forum make sure your web browser is up to date. It is designed using some of the new CSS and HTML features that have come out over the past few years which older versions would struggle to view correctly. You have may already noticed that some other sites on the web may have already started to tell you to that you have to upgrade in order to view the site. Updating your browser should be done regularly to help keep your computer secure.

If you use Internet Explorer you would need to use version 9 and above. You can download the latest version from: . If you are unable to install the newest version of Internet Explorer, I recommend changing to a different browser that still supports your operating system.

If you  use or need another web browser for PCs, I recommend using Ninite in order to update/install the latest browser for you.

  1. Go to:
  2. Tick the boxes on the site of the programs you want to install/update. (example: Firefox, Chrome)
  3. Download by clicking “Get Installer”.
  4. Run the program
  5. After it is finished installing, just click close. You may have to reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.

We hope you enjoy looking around our new Website and Forum.

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