Maintaining your Pontiac

Your guide to maintaining your Pontiac by Evans Halshaw

Pontiac owners, whether they’ve got a Firebird, Bonneville Convertible or a Star Chief, don’t need to be convinced that they have to take care of their investment. However, if you’re new to Pontiac cars or classic offerings after looking at used cars for sale in the UK, you need to make sure your investment is worthwhile by following a few top tips. While cleaning and detailing a car may be seen by many as simply washing and waxing it, degradation can happen if it’s wrongly approached.

The first thing new Pontiac owners need to do is establish a maintenance schedule for working on the car. It does not need to be done every day, though light maintenance like surface-cleaning ought to be done once a week; alongside this, every fortnight should include vacuuming, polishing waxing and cleaning the engine. When you start getting into this regime, you won’t have to do it as much each week, given you will undoubtedly refine your technique and improve the overall quality of your Pontiac’s ageing components.

If you’re doing everything at once, wash the car first. Never apply wax or polish to a car if it’s dusty, as this can ruin the paint. Don’t air-dry your Pontiac, either; water spots will form and affect the paintwork, so using cotton cloths to get rid of any excess water is always a good approach.

From here, clean every single inch of the interior, whether it’s vents, gaps between moving components or the floor, and be sure to use various sizes of brush to achieve this. Floor mats also need to be vacuum-cleaned and shaken to rid them of any possible debris that may be ground into them. When cleaning rubber or vinyl, avoid using any silicone-based products as these leave oily residues, attracting dust in the process.

Meanwhile, when you clean the engine of your Pontiac, degrease it first with a specialised product and give it lots of time to dry out. After this, be sure to apply wax and protectants to keep it looking in top condition. Finally, clean any glass on the car last, as it can get dirty during the other cleaning processes. Cleaning solutions free from ammonia are really good to use here, though household glass cleaners must be avoided; they can dry out plastic, leather and vinyl.

So long as you take care of the visual styling of your Pontiac often, you will not let certain problems get out of hand, keeping it more beautiful for longer.

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