65 Tempest Custom – Paul Dickinson

For those who don’t know me . My name is Paul Dickinson, on the forum known as Bigbad65.

I own a ’65 pontiac Tempest custom , In Mayfair Maize an original 1965 colour that was used also for GTO’s for that year (think creamy yellow). It has an original 326 (5.3) V8 and a 2barrel rochester carb, which still works. The difference that I know the custom range had was, a chrome high beltline trim running the length of the car, as well as GTO style rear tail lamps, full carpets, Morokide interior, which in my car is two tone green bench seats front and back, which meant column shift 2 speed powerglide automatic.

Also, my car has Rallye 2 wheels which were not available at the time, they might have been added in 1967 or later (feel free to correct me on this) with trim rings (beauty rings) all wheels are 15 inch instead of 14 as they might have been.

I’ve had the car now for 2 years. As it’s unmolested I want to keep it as original as possible as it adds to the character. So many cars are over restored and sometimes the owners never take them out often enough, basically if it’s dry and I’m free, it gets used. Nothing puts a bigger smile than rumbling around in it what with the straight through pipes with Cherries, it sounds like a true 60’s muscle machine!

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